In the Studio with Butter

There's something new at Catbird, a bottled liquid the color of golden straw. I was curious when I first spotted it on Leigh’s desk, as I am with most things that land there. Here's what I learned. 

Butter is the brainchild of Lorenza, Jared and Tony — three friends and devout yogis who set out to create something through a shared passion for holistic healing and modern design. They launched last spring with their first product, Butter Elixir. The idea behind the essential oil goes back to the trio's yogic philosophy. The application is meant to be a pure and simple ritual without distraction, keeping the focus on beauty and integrity. It's an idea I welcome given the endless balms, oils, moisturizers, and creams that make an overly complicated promise. 

I spoke to Tony, who broke down the elixir's key blend of four oils for me.

We knew we wanted something with rose because rose has the highest vibration out of all the essential oils. It acts as an astringent, tightening and firming the skin, and has been used as an anti depressant for many years. We then added in rosehip oil for its vitamin A & C and argan oil because it’s packed with vitamin E. Apricot kernel oil acts as a nice base because it’s a dry oil that still retains moisture, making it ideal for the face.

The best way to apply Butter Elixir? Tony recommended I try six drops applied to a clean face. My skin instantly absorbed the oil and all of its vitamins, with only a sheer glow and the faintest scent of rose left on the surface. The elixir can also be used on hair and nails, or added to a warm bath for stress relief. 

We're now carrying Butter Elixir in our shop and online. For more from Butter, check out their Tumblr


Lorenza, Jared, and Tony