Lunch Lady: Wishful Thinking

I've definitely enjoyed the snow days and the hot toddies and the hundreds of videos of my friends cats exploring (and ultimately detesting) the aftermath of the Polar Vortex but, at this point, I was so incredibly relieved to find a little getaway in Summers.  I'm just not into wading through riverpuddles every time I cross the street to get a bialy, or having my glasses fog up whenever I step inside. It's been a very long and unpredictable winter so far and finding a place to remind me that warmer weather is in my future... very very far in my future, was just what I needed.

I overheard our buyer, Leigh placing her order on the phone and I immediately asked who she had called. 20 minutes later I was drinking coconut water out of a goddamn coconut (!!!!!!!!!!) and having the time of my life. I just wish I had a tiny umbrella to put in it, but it was like 10:30am afterall and I'm still months away from Summer Fridays.

I also made it a point to try the Egg Sandwich because that's the first thing everyone recommended to me. It's made with one cage free fried egg, sliced avocado, Cabot cheddar and Sriracha (because... of course) on a Parkerhouse roll. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to slip around in the snow clinging to a stamped coconut, but I'm glad they had something a little more suitable for my winter cravings. And the beet juice I got because I absolutely refuse to get sick. I have made it this far and hopefully the ginger, grapefruit and lemon I put in there will have some pity on me. AND Whoever made it did a great job because my throat wasn't on fire from too much ginger like it would normally be. Also look at how pretty it is! #nofilter hahahah

So, after my little trip down memory lane it was actually nice to get back to reality and appreciate the weather today. It really wasn't that bad and afterall it is temporary. Even though some of my friends would swear we were stuck in this hell forever. Spring will be here soon. And then Summer in all of it's humid, sweaty, sunburned glory. In no time at all you'll be burning your cheeks on a scalding roof because your host doesn't have enough chairs, wishing your drinks were colder or the beach was closer and I'll be bribing my best friend with some leftover whiskey so he can put the AC in my window again. Plus, every other word out of my mouth this past month has been "ITSFUCKINGFREEZING" and I think everyone is getting just a little sick and tired of the all cussing around here.

<3 Ash