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Hometown: I'm a New Yorker, of sorts.
Catbird Wishlist: A very fancy thumb ring, a linen closet's worth of Tarot Deck candles, and Agony of Love underwear for every day of the week.
What are you reading?  A copy of Peter and Wendy from 1912.
What are you watching? Bergman
What are you listening to? Alice Coltrane
What are you smelling? Samples of our Tarot Deck perfume.
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: Marlow & Sons. Or the garden at Aurora. Or the back room of DOC.

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Hometown: Jerz/Izrael
Fave designer: I'm sort of partial to the Catbird line but I also love Nancy Kraskin's work. It's too hard for me to choose really.
What are you reading? Let the Great World Spin

What are you watching?
An amazing movie about my uncles in France. Retour Paris.
What are you listening to? Exile on Main Street, Rio, Stevie Nicks. A whole of talk radio.
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: The taco truck on North 4th between Berry & Bedford. The pork taco makes me die.
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Hometown: Williston, Vermont.  
Favorite designers: Love me some Bittersweets, Scosha, and Nancy Kraskin. Coveting the Diamond-Eyed Fox Pendant from Fox & Thistle. 
What are you listening to? Constantly listening to NPR 
Favorite food/recipe: Apricot Kugel 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: Pates et Traditions

MEET ALLISON:                

Hometown: a small town in Indiana
Favorite designer: I have a huge crush on Satomi Kawakita and Digby.  And I really love Jezebel's Evil Eye Ring, Claire's Pip Ring and John Derian's Skeleton and Arrow Plate.
What are you reading: The Crack Up
What are you listening to: The Brian Jonestown Massacre 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg:  M Shanghai, Five Leaves, Uva for wine, and pho classic from An Nhau. 

MEET ASHLEY:                 

Hometown: The city of Newburgh, NY by way of the Boogie Down Bronx.
Catbird Wishlist: Yayoi Forest Togestu Ring, Conroy & Wilcox Moon Ring and Katrina Lapenne's Big Braided Ring
Currently Reading: Kneller's Happy Campers by Etgar Keret & always flipping through My Mistresses Sparrow Is Dead from Jeffrey Eugenides
Watching: Anything at the movies and My So Called Life on Netflix
Listening to: Always and forever Neil Young & The Everly Brothers, but Barrington Levy brings back the my fondest memories.
Favorite food: anything with beets!
Fav Recipe: my great-grandfathers Ricotta Cake & my uncle's Beef Empanadas
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg (or brooklyn):  Bamonte's or Fette Sau <3, Los Hermanos if I'm in Bushwick.


Hometown: Proud Detroit native.
Catbird wish list: It's hard to choose a favorite designer but the pieces I am currently lusting over are Bittersweets' Teensy Diamond in Ruby to add to my pinky stack, Satomi's Golden Plait Band paired with her Tiny City Band to start a brand new stack on a bare finger I don't have. Oh! And endless amounts of velvet pumpkins to decorate my new apartment. 
What are you listening to these days? Blouse, The Modern Lovers, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Twin Sister.
Reading: Ash lent me My Mistresses Sparrow is Dead - it's a lovely book filled to the brim with short stories, I have yet to put it down. 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: The Bedford Cheese Shop, Five Leaves and Hotel Delmono for fresh ricotta and extra delicious Manhattan's. 

MEET COURTNAY:                 

Hometown: Savannah, Ga 
Catbird Wishlist: I would commit all sorts of crimes for Conroy and Wilcox's Crescent Moon ring or Elisa Solomon's Ancienne diamond ring. In the meantime, I'm sporting the evil eye and a few knuckle rings. I'm still waiting for my money tree to grow in, so I can add to my collection. 

What are you smelling? I love D.S& Durga's My Indian Childhood - a combination of tobacco and flowers makes me feel like a fancy pants adult. 
What are you reading?Currently finishing up a pile of books that includes The Marvelous Hairy Girls: The Gonzales Sisters and Their WorldsThe Blue Tattoo: The Life of Olive Oatman (Women in the West) , and New Burlesque
Favorite food/recipe: Homemade baklava, watermelon feta salad, pork buns, and pickle juice by the gallon. I make a mean hush puppy and love a good dinner party.
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg (or brooklyn):
 Dina's Taco Truck off of 5th st and Bedford is a taste of the sublime, but Pie's -n- Thighs gives me my down home fix (Chicky biscuits! Mac-n-Cheese! Fried Pickles!).

MEET ILANA:                 
Hometown: Bucks County, PA
Fave designer:  AILI! I think it's the perfect summer line and I want the gold and turquoise ring soooo bad!
Reading: Madame Bovary
Watching: Girls 
Listening to: A whole lotta Bob Dylan and Neil Young with some Mississippi John Hurt mixed in.
Smelling: Siberian Snow, always!
Favorite food: At the moment Steve's Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Try it...seriously. Also I love green couscous in the summer time. Super easy recipe just chop up some parsley, cilantro, dill, mint, arugula, olive oil, salt and lemon and mix it all up!
Place to eat: La Esquina (Wythe Diner) and Smorgasburg!!

MEET LIZZIE:                

Hometown: NYC!!!
Catbird Wishlist: Bittersweets lily royale ring and Jezebel evil eye ring
What you are reading?  re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia
Listening to?Terry Reid: Superlungs and Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
Favorite food/recipe: anything gluten free these days ugh :/
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg (or brooklyn): Egg (when I used to be able to eat biscuits!).

MEET MELISSA:              

Hometown: New York, NY and Upper Saddle River, NJ
Catbird Wishlist: I really love fellow bird Claire Kinder's line, especially her rings! I have one of her Etruscan rings in white gold with a rose cut pale blue sapphire that I stack with my Catbird threadbares and chain rings. I'm obsessed with my Jacquie Aiche 14k diamond finger bracelet  and my Oli+Me tiny snake rings because they're super dainty (perfect for stacking!).

My wishlist could span across multiple pages, so here's the abridged version: Claire Kinder Tuhla ring and slim Toothed Band in rose gold, Catbird Chained To My Heart earrings in rose gold, Catbird thorn necklace in rose gold, Blanca Monros Gomez flat band in rose gold with 14 black diamonds, and the Flotsam and Jetsam monkey ring in rose gold with black diamond eyes (I'm evidently having a rose gold moment.) I'm also highly anticipating the arrival of Catbird's baguette turquoise stacking ring, which has yet to be put into production but already has my name written all over it!

What you are reading? Reading and re-reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, one of my personal favorites. 
Watching? Watching the Planet Earth series on Discovery or anything on Food Network until Homeland comes back this fall to Showtime. 
Listening to? Listening to the mix my man recently made for me (he's better at music than I am). 
Smelling? Saipua's White Grapefruit bar soap which is my newest and latest scent-obsession. 
Favorite food: PASTA! and bagels, anything loaded with carbs or sugar. My roommate is a pastry chef so I also indulge in decadent baked goods on a regular basis. Her molten chocolate cake, homemade ice creams, and cheesecake zeppoles are on another level entirely.
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: For breakfast I love going to Vittoria on Bedford between N7th and N8th - they serve these incredible brioche egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches (only on weekdays and if you get there early enough!), and the espresso there is sweet and rich, never burnt. The Birds have recently gotten me hooked on the veggie tacos from La Troca Del Sabor, the taco truck on N4th and Bedford. It's by far the best $5 I've spent on lunch in the neighborhood. The tortillas are always warm, soft, and packed with flavorful ingredients and sauces, plus Dina is such a sweetheart!

MEET MEAGHAN:              

Hometown: Born in Manhattan, raised in Ridgewood, NJ.
Catbird Wishlist: Saving my money for Bittersweets Skull & Ribbon Momento Mori Ring.  My stack would welcome Satomi's Golden Plait Band, and I've got my eye on all of Digby & Iona's new beauties!
Listening to: I have an ongoing romance with music and mix making in general. On my latest playlist - Alabama Shakes, Youth Lagoon, Dead Man's Bones, Timber Timbre, and The Lumineers. Beatles fan through and through. 
Favorite recipe: Mama Reilly's homemade chocolate mole.
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: My go-to local spots are -- Dina's delicious tacos on N4th and Bedford, Saksuka's lentil soup, and Handsome Dan's sno-cones. 

MEET ANNA:              

Catbird Wishlist: I just started and I want all of it!  I would begin with the following; teardrop blue topaz, pip ring and Marian Maurer tiny diamond studs <3
What are you currently reading? Capote's In Cold Blood
Listening to? Middle Brother, Van Morrison and Canned Heat. 
Favorite food: Anything my mother makes, I also love me some Nutella Tasty Delight! 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg:  Calexico, Saraghina and a Lodge sandwich in the park!


Hometown: Chicago, IL 
Catbird Wishlist: Katrina LaPenne Gold Braid Ring, Rodin Hair & Face Oil, Natalie Krim prints.
What you are listening to: Besides working at Catbird, I'm also in a garage-punk band (link to so when I'm not working I spent a lot of time not only playing music, but listening to and discovering new music. I've been doing my best to read/watch/listen/smell experiences by spending my days off on adventures like going to museums, the beach, road trips, etc. 
Favorite food: I just started eating seafood after 10 years of vegetarianism so I'm into trying out seafood dishes. Really into mussells, seared salmon, and oysters lately. 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: Five Leaves, hands down. I'm there at least once a week. It's my Cheers. Or rather as my friend and I say it's our comfort food. Five Leaves is our Brooklyn mother, ha.


Hometown: Philly (CT originally, but Philly is so much cooler sounding)
Catbird Favs: I heart the Satomi hexagon ring! I am currently rocking a first knuckle ring and doubled chain ring so far. Soon I would like to add Collette Ishiyama Drip earrings and Katie Diamond Astrid studs.
What are you reading: I read the news every day. I have 4 different sources. I love the science and technology and health sections!
Watching: I am watching the original Law and orders in sequence. Also, anything that Wes Anderson touches. My favorite is Royal Tenenbaums.
Listening to: Die Antwoord, Girl talk, Madness and anything that Mark Mothersbaugh touches Oh, and Alec Baldwins new podcast. 
Smelling: I can't live without my Catbird campfire candle.
Favorite recipe: I also went to culinary school, so I love to cook. Korean is my fav. Dae ji Bool gogi, japchae, homemade kimchi, you name it! 
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg: Vanessa's, clearly. I am on a mission to try every dish they make.


Hometown: L.I. New York
Catbird Favs:  I'm biased towards Katrina Lapenne, but I'm falling fast for Marian Maurer's Ariel ring with three diamonds. 
What are you reading:  I'm catching up on free classics that I can download, currently I'm reading Around the world in 80 days.
Watching: Louie
Favorite recipe: Hot buttered toast and coffee


Hometown: Santa Cruz, California
Catbird Favs:  Lauren Wolf's druzy studs 
and the sting ray drip earrings from Collette Ishiyama! 
What are you reading:  I've been obsessed with The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. I could read it every night and not get sick of it. 
Favorite food: Artichokes...can't get enough!
Favorite place to eat in Williamsburg:  I just moved here so the only place I've tried
is Allswell. It was fabulous.


Hometown: Dallas, TX
Catbird Favs:  Odette New York's Klaia Triangle Ring,  Hortense's Small Arrowhead Necklace
What are you reading:  Readin Martian Chronicles 
Listenin to: Oingo Boingo
Watchin: Ancient Aliens 
Smellin: Cheap Coffee
Favorite place to eat:  Peter pan donuts 

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